Social Entrepreneurship through Creative Interaction in Culturally Diverse Groups:

Findings from participatory observation in a recent social entrepreneurship program in Cisondary, Indonesia

Daniela Beck & Prof. Dr. Li Choy Chong

Numerous studies of diversity and group performance show contradictory results. These studies tend to abstract from the context and try to explain the overall performance of groups. It is not yet understood how cultural diversity influences creativity in groups and by what process creativity comes about. This study analyzes a culturally diverse group in the context of a social entrepreneurship program from a complexity theory perspective. It is found that (1) creativity emerges out of an interactive process (2) in culturally diverse groups there is a great variety of perceptions. A comparison of these perceptions characterizes the interactive, creative process of culturally diverse groups. (3) The comparison of perceptions can be conceived as a cognitive stimulus in the creative process. This paper illustrates how such perceptions influence the emergence of creative solutions in the culturally diverse group. Practical implications on social entrepreneurship are discussed next to theoretical considerations of the complexity perspective on social entrepreneurship and creativity.